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“A community of recovery, hope and dignity that empowers people with a history of mental illness through friendship, meaningful work and cultivating strengths”

Lexington House Closures

If Clubhouse is closed, you can find this information at Closings (

We're Accredited!

Lexington House became accredited on September 1 of 2021. For more information on Clubhouse International accreditation, click here.

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I’m so thankful to have found a place like  Lexington House. They have helped me so much by benefiting from the whole idea of   being a member of  a club  house that is non-judgmental and just out for the best of the  community. I came here to get a sense of meaning and because I love to help others these are not just people with a mental history but people whom need the extra experience and support of people whom need the extra experience and support of people just like them, they give me a sense of belonging and are now my extended family. I thank God I have found a support like them…

-Donnie R.

Lexington House has had a big impact in my life. First of all, coming to club and doing tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I was able to obtain Employment as well. Finally, club house has helped me challenge my anxiety and conquer it.

-Amanda M.

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Becoming a member at Lexington Clubhouse this past year has made an impact in our life. It has helped bring us to come out of our shell. When we would normally shutdown all the time this place has taught us to be open with people. It has also been a place we've been able to use skills that we used at past jobs. It allows us to work in different areas without feeling obligated which helps us to stay grounded. Also, we’ve been given opportunities to be part of a place that makes a difference in the community here in Elkhart.

–Christy D.


Lexington House

2626 Prairie St.

Elkhart, IN 46517

Francis Disori

Executive Director


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